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This page was last updated on: November 21, 2019
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Name:Robert Partigianoni
Email address:[email protected]
Subject:Repeater Request

Hello Nashville Amateur Radio. Let me introduce myself. I am the Goldwing Road Rider Association (GWRRA) International Ham Radio SIG (Special Interest Group) Representative. 
Our Motorcycle Organization will be putting on the International Goldwing Rally in Nashville, TN from 27 ? 31 August 2019 timeframe. Some members will be arriving on 25-26 August and some will leave as late as 01 September. 
The reason for this email is that some of our bikers are also Ham Radio Operators and we try to put the ham radio on our Goldwings. 
Our request is not to just barge in and take over a repeater that we may not be wanted on, so every year I send a letter to the club in question to request permission to use your club repeaters, while traveling to, driving around and leaving the area of the rally. 
D?Star, FM, Fusion and APRS information would be helpful I noticed on your webpage reference the frequencies of repeaters that you have more repeater in the area than most places, so a recommendation of the correct repeater to use for the area would be helpful. 
The Rally will be at Gaylord Resort Hotel in Nashville, so we would like to know the repeater best suited for that area. Once we get inside the venue it is our tradition that since we also have HT?s that we move to 146.520, 146.550 and 146.580 MHz simplex to not tie up a local repeater to say hey Joe come to booth 239 and see what they have here. 
If you would let me know the information above so I can get it out to our members. 
73, Robert Partigianoni WB5JZP 
101 Nelda Dr.
 Leesville, LA 71446 
(337) 397-2201 

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